I’m Here, I Have Arrived

I’m alone in this world because that’s how I was born

But even before the womb, he knew me all along

My imperfections, my faults and all of my wrongs

He saw the best in me, that I was destined for more

Time and time again, he forgives and he loves me

Time and time again, I step out and avoid him

But time and time again, he takes me back, that’s real love

But this time… Again, I promise it’s for real now

I’m sorry, I cry you must be tired of my lies

I’m sorry, I’m trying even though my actions say other wise

You can see my heart and you know I mean well

That’s why… I believe, you’re still here with me now

There’s so many things, I want from this world

I forget I’m not from here, it’s not where I belong

I satisfy this flesh and forget my inner man

Only you I should desire, to help me from sinning and-

Dying down here although I think I’m alive

An illusion on the out, rotten corpse on the inside

Once again, I ask for your forgiveness

I want to align with your will and live by your word

I want your love, I want you, I crave your presence

I- seek your face, your light in all of this darkness

Tell me, can you hear you me? I want to know that you are there

Where is your voice?, how do I know that you are even near?

Share with me your love even though I know I can’t handle it

I need something, anything, maybe just a little bit

I have come now before you once again

A sinner, your child, I want to be your friend

Your spirit led me and I chose to follow

Once in black and red but now my heart rejoices in yellow

My eyes can see your white and now blue are my skies

I didn’t know it was this easy, I would have come a long time ago.

I’m here, I have arrived, is this all for me?

It’s amazing, a surprise, in all your glory

I’m here, I have arrived, I know it’s taken me a while ,

But I’m here, I have arrived, finally I’m yours.


Benedicte Mabika


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