imageWhat is this feeling I am feeling inside?

its like a void, an emptiness that I cannot hide –

you can see it in my face, the way I express this emotion

you can read it in my eyes, the way it torments my expressions

whilst giving me nothing in return, as it has no face for me to blame

I- search for its identity, I yearn to know its name

but it’s nothing…


what is this feeling I am feeling inside?

it burdens me, sometimes in the day but mainly at night

it carries the world and then drops it on my shoulders

so everything becomes heavy and unable to look over

it encourages worry and feeling like there’s no hope

it beats you down, wears you out, it leaves you broke

it breeds on negativity, fatigue and isolation

what Is it’s name? I must know now! I’m tired of this tormentation


what is this feeling, what am I feeling inside

this nothingness that consumes my energy and life

this nothingness that represents misery, dread and emptiness

a black hole, that’s neverending just gloom and so much stress

what is this nothingness that has chosen me?

I want it gone, I want to be left, I want to be free!



{This is just a quick short poem cause I really wasn’t feeling like posting today but for those that I read, I wanted to give you something. This literally is how I’m feeling this very moment and I know many can relate, when you just feel down in the dumps for no reason but I encourage you all to fight against it because that nothingness is something, something that makes you procrastinate, depressed and stressed- whatever it is, fight against it.}


apologies for any mistakes, I’m tired.





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