I am tired of life and living it all alone

I am tired of pain of one minute they’re here, the next, they’re gone

I am tired of stress and anxiety that builds up inside of me

and to everyone else, it remains unknown

I am tired of heart-breaks and heart-aches and disappointment

The type of disappointment that makes you lose all hope

The type of disappointment, that makes you never want to go

places, meet people and explore.

I am tired of feeling blue and under the weather,

It makes me wonder if it’s just me or whether

other people experience it too.

I am tired okay. Aren’t you?

I am tired of everything that makes me overthink

I want to be as a light as a feather, empty of misery, dread and fear

I am tired of faces that stare and mouths that talk when they know nothing

I am tired of questions, from those who pretend to like me

I am tired of the loud voices in my head, the dark thoughts of sometimes wishing I was de-

I am tired of my life, my tears and my sadness

I am tired of that feeling you get when it is 3:45 am

And you’re all alone with what scares you the most, you, yourself alone.

That sense of lost… Grief yearning for some relief… I am tired of it.

But above all the things that I am tired of…

I am tired of being tired.


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