Lady Lately

“Nothing’s wrong, I promise”
These are the words that you have cherished-
since the very day it seems I drifted away
from your love, home and the merry days

I know that I’ve become distant lately
But please my baby,
Give me some time to figure it all out
Give me some space to move and lay my thoughts out

I don’t know what’s particularly wrong but you are not the problem
You are not it!
Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m falling apart bit by bit
But I understand how you must feel to not understand what I am feeling, bearing it all inside when to you I should confide my thoughts and the process of my decisions- the guilt that bubbles up, emitting the truth of the broken glass that we’re living in

I’m sorry. I’m distant, but your persistence is truly annoying
Pushing me further and further as you try harder and harder
There’s truly no winning this
Atleast not for you right now
But listen- how about…
We take a break, they say if you’re around someone too much you begin to resent them
Well I’m well over pretending that here with you my interests remains
Because, the truth is… It really doesn’t

I had an affair… That I am still having
He brings me rush, excitement and you bring me nothing
With your 9-5 you come home, eat and lie
straight into sleep, I believe I’ve tried to re-kindle our lives but the harsh truth is… You are boring

I know that must have hurt you. But the relief I feel from that shattered glass, you should feel it too
I believe this is for the best, you can keep the kids, and I’ll keep the baby-
Sorry he’s not yours, can’t believe that you believed me

You must see from my perspective, I tried to keep our home together
But the tragic mess was unavoidable, through time I could no longer be bothered

I am sorry.. Sorry that I’m not sorry
For so long I proceeded to pretend to love you
Pretend I liked to touch you
Forced my eyes closed to kiss you
Forced all the moans just to please you
I am sorry… Sorry that I’m not sorry
Maybe in the far future, we may love again
but lately, my love is with your best friend.


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