He was the man that fit all criteria

He walked into a building, his presence, felt in every area

He walked head high, didn’t have a care in the world

He knew he was the man that was wanted by every girl

You see, He was the man with height- his head touched the ceiling

type of man that’d have you feeling…

Some type of way, just with a glance in his direction…

The definition of perfection…

He was that man

He was the man that lotioned every girl

He gave you butterflies, thinking you was his only girl

Your haters, your best-friend and your cousins too

Check their DMs, their guts cause he probably in them too

You see, He was the man of my dreams like yours

He had the looks, He was funny and the height of course

Didn’t want to listen to anyone, cause I thought he was mines

I really should have known that he was a Demon. In. Disguise.

I really wish I prayed before I let him hit

I really wish I ran when I saw him whip-

Into my life with his tongue and di-

I really want to rewind and avoid all this.

He is the man that you now know to stay away from

He’ll treat you good and then you’ll never hear from…

Him again cause he’s always onto the next one

Whisper all types in your ears, yeah, he’s full of lies

These are all signs of a Demon In Disguise

for Shaun.


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