This Is a Man’s World

This is a man‘s world,  we do right by our women

The ways that we see them and treat them

We take care and we please

But our definition of those words is the disease.

I saw the beauty on her inside as well as her out,

I saw the pain in her eyes, swore I’d never let her down

I saw the way she shaped her response, before her shape in thong

Before I swept her off her feet, promised: I’d never let her down

I made love to her mind before her body,

Touched her soul before her skin

Broke the ice through her heart

I knew how it’d finish before the start

You see,

A real G finds her fears before her spot

You’ve got to be there, make her fall..

..but she don’t have to get caught

Be that shoulder to lean on, get that lean then get your freak on

Pass the friendship, straight to the comfort zone

I heard the tone of her heart beating,

Against her chest sweating,

And despite her nerves wrecking,

Her body still craved this beating

And after we had intertwined through intellectual conversations

The thing that I think with is intertwined with her insides

Never a care for the dreams, or wishes, nor for good relations

Never see the potential, only the temptations…

Because this IS a man’s world, so for us it’s just easy

To do who we chooses and choose who we pleases

This is a man‘s world, any less you’re dismissed

Cause you love and insist that to love is a blessing-

but instead it’s a myth

I want what I want, it’s only right to go get it

Oh well I broke a heart, so what if I faked it

This IS a man‘s world;

I do what I think makes me a man in this world,

Even if it makes this world no place for a woman.


Joss Stone – This is a man’s world

Benedicte Mabika


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